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The Mt. Babadağ one towering above Ölüdeniz on the southwest coast of Turkey is a geological marvel that just happens to make for incredible thermals and ideal conditions for paragliding flight. We offer you the tandem paragliding experience of a lifetime,for many people a dream come true. Picture yourself,comfortably seated,gracefully gliding above the scenic mountainside and lagoon,feeling the light breeze on your face whilst you and yoıur pilot soar high over Ölüdeniz beach packed with hot and sweaty sunbathers! Ölüdeniz is reputedly the best site in Europe. Your dreams ill start with the first step on to our specially designed minibus transport up to take point Babadağ(FatherMountain 6000 feet).

You will fly around 30 minutes over breath-taking views of Ölüdeniz,Ghost Town,12 Island Region,Fethiye Gulf,Butterfly Valley before landing on Ölüdeniz Beach.
Ölüdeniz (Butterfly Valley) Daily Boat Trip

Ölüdeniz boat trip is a very relaxing dat out, board the boat in Ölüdeniz for a day you will not forget. Swim in the Blue Cave before stepping ashore at the Butterfly Valley. Fro the more energetic, a climb to the Waterfall, where you might sot a rare Tiger Butterfly is not to be missed. Lunch is served on the boat before a stop as St. Nicholas Island where you can climb amoung the ruins to the top of the island for a magnificent wiew. And a swim at the "Cold Spring Bay" where a fresh water spring meats the sea is most refreshing.

An addiction inducing trip is certainly our Jeep Safari. Adventure Seekers All Aboard. Get ready for a full day free from the everyday cares of modern life. We drive on the bumpy and winding dirt roads, go up to the mountains and sown into riverbeds, get muddy, dusy and wet and laugh all the while. See YAKA Village tickle the bar-trouts, breath the fresh airs of the pine forest, watch ladies at work when they make traditional pancakes, replenish yourself with a walk in the ice-cold waters of SAKLINET Gorge, do the rafting on the river, mud-wrestle on the river banks. As soon as you get back to the hotel you can start planning your next safari. Wonder why people get addicted?. On our Jeep Safari Adventur tour we do not stop any Gold or Carpet Factory.
Far from the maddening crowds,free from the hustle of day, in perfect tunewith the evading rays of the setting sun… Welcome the night ,peace-giving and serene on a sunset cruise.Med is perfect for nocturnal sails to hear and to listen to the symphony of the twin sisters; night and sea.

With gourmet BBQ diner,entertainment to you tasteand lots of photosto take.
Dalyan is on of our popular tours. We arrive to Dalyan after an hour bus journey. A 15 minutes’ boat trip will take youto the Mud Baths which is a different experience for many people visiting the city. The mud containing sulphur and other elements is said to be good for skin conditions and makes you feel refreshed and revitalized,beside it’s benefits it’s also a great fun.

Counos,the ancient city near modern Dalyan, was founded around the 9th century B.C. Dalyan is also famous for its rock-cut tomb carved on a face of cliff as there is no option to climb up those ruing boat will go close as it can so you can take nice photos of those unique ruins. After a short break at rock tombs boat will continue it’s cruise among the natural labyrinth made of reeds to the second longest beach of Turkey.
Ephesus is one of the highlights of any visit to Turkey, the best preserved ancient city Turkey. Ephesus which was established as a port, was used to be the most important commercial centre. The shrine of Virgin Mary enjoys a marvelous atmosphere hidden in the green. It is the place where Mary may spent her last days.The famous Library Of Celcius, Roman Baths and ofcourse the amphitheatre.

After a lovely drive passing traditional Turkish villages to Hierapolis and Pamukkale. Hierapolis is an ancient Roman city and was established as a cure centre Pamukkale is one of the most extraordinary natural wonders in Turkey. The big attraction is a vast white cliff side with scalop-shaped basins of water and forzen waterfalls. Accommodation will be in a 4 star airconditioned hotel in Pamukkale.

Wednesday-Thursday –Saturday-Sunday
As recommended by the Daily Telegraph Saklikent is located near Tauros mountains, between Fethiye and being the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey - 18 km's long Saklıkent is housing a lot of visitors from all around the world. It is so narrow that the sun cannot penetrate the water, being deliciously icy-cold in the summer.

Tlos is one of the largest settlements of Lycians who settled in the area between Caria and Pamphylia. At the ruins you will see the relics of Lycian and Roman times. The amphitheatre and the Roman bath, the market place, the sarcophaguses of the king's three sons and various rock cut tombs and not least the burial place of the common people on the steep cliff face of the settlement.
After a lovely drive trough the Tauros Mountains passing traditional authentic Turkish villages and having breakfast on the way,we arrive at Hierapolis and Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) which hits you immediately. Hierapolis is an ancient Roman city and was established as a cure centre in the 2nd century B.C. After being destroyed by mant eartquekes ,we can only see what remains such as the city baths and amphitheatre,which has a 15.000 seating capacity. Pamukkkale is a famous naturel phenomenon and lies on a small hill from where a great number of hot calcium rich volcanic springs flow. For thousands of years, water has flowed from Pamukkale springs and naturally formed snow white terraces and pools cascading down the mountainside. The The waters are bath temperature and believed to benefit heart and circulatory complaints in particular. After lunch we visit a carpet weaving centre and you can see how Turkish carpets are made.
From the 12 islands and gocek bays we chooise 4 to 5 islands which we think are the best.We stop for 45 minutes to one hour at each place for swimming.we will sail for at least 2 hours with the engines off which is a unique and relaxing experience listening to the boat while watching the beautiful panoromic views and have BBQ lunch on board.

With more than enough legroom for our quests less people and no loud music on our sailing boat you’ll find comfort and peace.Clean toilets and shower facilities bar sunbedsand shades.
Did you now that Turkey has 8,333 Km of coastline along four seas?

Join us for the most exciting diving experiences on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

Scuba diving ("SCUBA" originally being an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus, now widely considered a word in its own right) is a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a scuba set to breathe underwater.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world of scuba diving. We take you to some of the best bays in the world to experience the excitement of diving, explore the hidden treasures of the underwater world. You are accompanied by fully trained divers who will guide you through your first dive or simply stay with you as you make friends with the fish. enjoy the lunch on board and do a spot of sunbathing before continuening your second dive
Another of nature's gifts to Turkey are its rivers. They provide perfect conditions for canoeing and rafting. Dalaman River is one of the most popular rivers which offers rafting opportunities for those who want to discover wild nature, breathtaking scenery and adventure. Dalaman river's fun rapids running around the boulders, drops and waves, best gear, best guides, best food...
The best way to escape the hustle andbustle of the resort is by renting your own Private Boat.The experience on the private boat offers unique views of oludeniz or Fethiye bays.Discover the secret islands and secluded bays.You will have oppurtunity to swim the cyristal clear waters and sunbath on board.There will be very friendly crew to prepare all your open buffet meals mezes and BBQ while you sit back and relax.

Boatcan be chartered for parties and romantic private nights.
We would be happy to provide you with almost and itinerary you wish.We offer private tours to all interesting places around the Fethiye with our comfortable cars and buses.During a day you will have to flexibility to stop off along the way to make break or take a photo if you see something of interest.If you have any specific places you would like to visit to visit please let us know.
Fancy a change of seeing two different country and culture in the same day? Then if you have some spare time on your holiday why not spend in Rhodes. You will have a chance to see the Greek culture,museums,castles and shopping. Overnight accommodation is also available. Transport and hydrofoil included in the price. Visit this ancient Roman city which is now a part of Greece. With old cobble stone streets and many beautiful arches,this thriving city is a must to see.
This international comedy show from england is spectacular.A night of fun fort he whole family.This side splitting experince starts at 19:15pm till late.Treat yourself to the biggest show to hit hisaronu this millennium.
You will interesting structure of the marvellous historical site of Kayaköy (The Ghost Town) on a horse back. Starting as convoys under the leadership and guidance of our fellow villagers,you will explore the countryside equestrian.

Our horses are well mannered,broken and friendly beasts,so non experienced and experienced riders are all welcome. We offer two optional routes; One through the pine forestry to Blue Lagoon, One to the Ghost Town.
Experience the thrill of mastering a quad bike and loin us on this exciting day bound to be the highlight of your holiday. An unbeatable adventure for both young and mature advanture seekers.

The tour takes 3 hours in total and actual riding time is about 2 hours ; 2 full hours of pure adrenalin and fun!

Bikes are automatic and easy even for beginners to handle. Travel is off road,so no special licenses are required. With riders travelling along a series of rough dirty tracks, you are guaranteed dust and dirt and you certainly won’t finish the tour same color you started. Feeling adventurous? Make sure you dress for outdoors.
Explore the delights of turkey on your own with our fully insured range of vehicles.Reasonable prices with reduced rates for longer periods of rental.Driving licence required.
Be your own captain for the day and explored secluded oludeniz beachesand coves at your own pace.A captain for your trip can be appointed or you can ster the bost by yourself.Boat comes equipped with sun canopy and ice box
Take-off from near Ovacık Village to a breath-taking flight in company with a beautiful scenery of the worlds best landscape.

High and above the Taurus mountains,Mediterranean at your horizon this is a very safe tour who are ready to see Gods gifts with an unequalled scope.
Attention all bargain hunters! Avoid the fuss of an overcrowded dolmus and travel in comfort to Fethiye’s Tuesday Market. We collect you from your hotel and leave you to spend your millions in the bustling market (remember to haggle). Then we stop at the magnificent tomb of Amintas, which looks out over the bay of Fethiye. Our last stop is tghe hillside Ghost Town (Kayaköy) for a delicious bbq lunch and a chance to explore the ruins of this Greek settlement.Also enjoy a swim and relax at the restaurant pool before returning to your hotel.
Take our relaxing cruise to the pretty village of GOCEK arriving at about 13:30pm.Here you will have 2.5 hours where you can explore the famous yachting marina which is a favourite haunt of british royalty.Browse among the charming shops or visit a waterfront restaurant for your lunch.A small bustling local market is held on Sundays.On the return trip to Fethiye we stop at a bay where you have on opportunilty to swim in the turqoise waters.
A perfect day of great fun for everyone.Just be ready for unlimited fun advanture and exciting Water World.You becometo the blue cool waves and a need if crazy slide want at the very gren grasses your election wants lengtwise full day.Families ,couples ,singles all invited to enjoy the big aquapark.The loud lough you reverberate at the blue cool waters…
A day out of the stres and nosiy crowded places of city.Abay and bubble park or all familly in aksazlar bay Fethiye.Amazing fun for children with Fethiye bubble sea park and relaxing day for parents with picnic or BBQ during all day.You can bring your own food and drinks to the park and our Professional staff look after your children all day.You will simply enjoy all day.You will be picked up from your hotel and drop your back.
Join us on this special holiday event for men.If you are into fishing and want to try a hand in the turquoise-blue on our fully equipped on our fishing boats, we provide all tackles and baits and take you to the richestof the seas where to fish around.From morning till afternoon. Good Luck to All!Fish your own gril it then and there.
Experience Traditional Turkish entertainment whilist enjoying your meal and drinks.All food included.
We Turks always considered our baths(hamam) as an important part of our culture.Whereever we go we take this special pleasure with us.Lying on the warm marble slabs you’ll get the best of detox a deep through scrub by our talented masseurs with special silken glovesand a soothing soap massage afterwards.You will feel completely cleansed and refreshed.